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Custom-made metal packaging can be created for virtually any product. Whether it is for retail, wholesale, commercial or industrial use, this durable and reusable material can be made as economic or as luxurious as required.

On smaller production runs, sheet aluminium, steel or brass is formed or bent to create the required format. This can then be branded using processes including screen printing, embossing, etching and dye sublimation printing if reproducing full-colour graphics. Promolyte is also a very useable metal-based material that works well for converting into menu covers, folders, cases and presentation boxes. This multi-layered substrate with a polypropylene centre gives the ability for the outer metal layers to be etched away to allow the inner plastic core to act as a hinge for converting into different formats.

For medium production runs, tinplate is a more useable material that can be pressed, formed and bent to shape in a variety of ways. On higher volume runs of 5,000 or more, structures with rolled edges and corners can be created, offering additional tactile detail and embelishements to areas where required. These formats also have the ability to be litho printed or branded with complex designs on a flat sheet before the packaging form is created.

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