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Progress have always worked with a wide variety of different textiles – our company is even based in the historical heartland of the British woollen industry. The use of a variety of fabrics in packaging is an accelerating trend, as brands strive to find more luxurious ways to explore tactility and experience.

We source the majority of our materials from both the UK and the Far East, finding the highest quality available that best suits the manufacturing processes required for each project. The options available are vast, with paper-backed book cloth available to cover boxes, or to manufacture tote bags, synthetic materials such as Tyvek®, polyester and non-woven PVC, or more natural materials such as cotton, canvas, leather, hessian and twill – which can also be custom dyed to almost any specification.

Branding on fabrics has become far-reaching, with a variety of print finishes now available. Most materials can be screen printed and embroidered, but advances in technology and more technical textiles offer digital and dye sublimation processes that can transfer full colour images on to the surface of many materials.

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