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In an age where brands are leaning towards responsible consumerism for the environment, wood is a material ever-increasing in popularity. Known for its aesthetic and tactile qualities, while also being sustainable and recyclable, its position in the packaging indsustry is now stronger than ever.

Wood is specified to package a wide range of products including spirit bottles, perfumes, cosmetics, games, presentation sets and menus. The sensory appeal of this material undoubtedly adds value while also offering greater flexibility regarding suitable branding methods.

Wood can be painted, sprayed or burned, laser-etched, printed, foil blocked or embossed – it also works well when combined with other materials such as leather straps, metal hinges or clasps, ribbon pulls, as well as paper over board inserts and suede linings. Regarding the surface qualities of the material, varnishing is just as versatile, with a choice of matt, gloss, satin or natural finishes available.

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