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Paper Cardboard Gift Boxes #BX600

Item No.: BX600
Customize paper cardboard gift boxes
We, Fuxiang Gifts & Packaging Limited , Accept customize paper cardboard gifts boxes .
RALPH & RUSSO Gift boxes

The Ralph & Russo fashion house was created by Australian born duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, who have quickly established themselves as one of the finest haute couture brands in both London and Paris.

Progress worked with their in-house design team to realise this stunning range of packaging which reflects the elegant, luxurious and timeless qualities of their collections.

The packaging collection was all produced using a Colorplan Pale Grey Buckram embossed paper and branded with a raised rose gold foil blocked logo to the outer. The box draw inner trays were covered in Colorplan Dark Grey and embossed with the brand monogram, using a custom made tool. A simple, elegant, dyed ribbon was then inserted as an opening mechanism detail.

Progress produced a number of sizes and formats, all made to house different items from their range. With relatively small quantities required, manufacturing was coordinated across our factories in both the UK and Europe on runs varying from 50 to 250 units per size.

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